Bureau of Fire Protection - Baybay City Fire Station

We Save Lives and Properties

Services Offered

- Building Plan Evaluation (Fire Safety)

- Fire Safety Inspection (During and After Building Construction;  Occupancy; Electrical Installation; Business Establishment and Other Type of Occupancy)

- Issuance of Fire Safety Certificate and Clearance (Building Permit; Occupancy Permit; Business Permit; Electrical Installation, etc.

- Collection of Fire Code Taxes/Fees/Fines.

- Conduct Seminars/Info Drives on Fire Prevention, Fire Suppression, First Aide, etc.

- Conduct Fire Drill, Fire Exit Drill and Earthquake Drill.

- Organize Fire Brigade 

- Respond to Fire Alarms, Medical Emergencies and Disaster Related Emergencies

- Conduct Arson Invetigation

- Other Activities (Assist in Lakbay Alalay, Brigada Eskwela, Oplan Kaluluwa, etc.)

Fire Safety Clearances and Certificates 

Building Plan Evaluation for Issuance of Fire Safety Evaluation Certificate (FSEC)


  1. Application Form (BFP)
  2. Endorsement from the Building  Official
  3. Three (3) sets of Detailed Fire Safety Plans & Specifications & Fire and Life Assessment Report – 1 (FALAR 1) occupancy of least 50 persons
  4. Three (3) sets of Building Plans and Specifications
  5. One (1) set of Bills of Materials and Cost Estimates
  6. Payment of Fire Code Fees

 Fire Safety Inspection Certificate (FSIC) for Business Permit


  1. One (1) Photocopy of Fire Insurance Policy (If Any)
  2. After Fire Safety Inspection Report
  3. Two (2) Photocopy Assessment of Application for Business Permit
  4. Two (2) Photocopy of Official Receipt (OR)
  5. Business Location Sketch ( Drawing)
  6. Payment of Fire Code Fees


Fire Safety Inspection Certificate (FSIC) for Occupancy Permit


  1. Application Form (BFP)
  2. Endorsement from the Building  Official
  3. Photocopy of Building Permit and Assessment of Occupancy Permit Fee
  4. Copy of Fire Insurance Policy
  5. Three (3) sets of Fire & Life Assessment Report – 2 (FALAR 2) or FALAR 3 for the occupancy of least 50 persons.
  6. Payment of Fire Code Fees

Schedule of Fire Code Taxes/Fees/Fines

The classification of Fire Code revenues and rates are prescribed in the following schedule:

1.       Fire Code Construction Tax.  One-tenth of one per centum (0.10%) of the verified estimated value of buildings or structures to be erected, from the owner  thereof, but not to exceed fifty thousand (PhP50,000.00) fifty per centum (50%) to be paid  prior to the issuance of the building permit, and the balance, after final inspection and prior to the issuance of the use and occupancy permit.

2.      Fire Code Realty Tax.   One-hundredth of one per centum (0.01%)  of the assessed value of buildings or Structure annually payable upon payment of the real estate tax, except on structures used  as single family dwellings.

3.      Fire Code Premium Tax.  Two per centum (2%) of all premiums, excluding re-insurance premiums for the sale  of fire, earthquake and explosion hazard  insurance collected by companies, persons or agents licensed to sell such insurances in the Philippines.

4.      Fire Code Sales Tax.  Two per centum (2%) of gross sales of companies, persons or agents selling fire fighting equipment, appliances or devices, including hazard detection and warning systems.

5.      Fire Code Proceeds Tax.  Two per centum (2%) of the service fees received from fire, earthquake, and explosion hazard reinsurance surveys and post loss service of  insurance adjustment companies  doing business in the Philippines directly  through agents.

6.      Fire Safety Inspection Fee.  Fee charged for the conduct of Fire Safety Inspection equivalent to ten per centum (10%) of all fees charged by the building official, or by the Local Government or by other government agencies concerned in the granting of pertinent permits or licenses.

7.   Storage Clearance Fee.  Fee derived from storage of flammable and combustible materials. Storage Clearance Fee is based on the Storage capacity as on IRR of RA 9514 Section

8. Conveyance Clearance Fee.  Fee derived from transporting flammable and combustible materials. Conveyance Clearance Fee is based on their    capacity as indicated on IRR of RA 9514 Section

9.      Installation Clearance Fee.  Fee derived from installation of tanks and pipes of flammable and combustible substances and other fire protection system.

    a. Gases (LPG, CNG and other compressed gases)exceeding 454 liters water capacity :         

Php 80.00

       For every additional 100 liters water capacity or fraction thereof in excess of  454   liters:   

Php 20.00

    b. Flammable and combustible liquids in aboveground and underground tanks:                       

Php 300.00

10.  Other Clearance Fees.  Fees derived from fireworks display, fumigation/fogging, fire drill, hotworks, and other clearances as provided under the IRR of RA 9514.

a. Fireworks display - 300.00

b. Fumigation/Fogging - 100.00

c. Fire Drill - 200.00

d. Hotworks - 150.00

e. Fire Incident Clearance 100.00

f. Certified true copy of Fire Safety Inspection Certificate 100.00

g. Certified true copy of Building Fire Safety Clearance 100.00

h. Certified true copy of Fire Clearance 100.00

i. Other Clearances - 200.00 

11.  Fire Code Fines – are fees derived from imposition of administrative fines and penalties.