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Fire Prevention Tips

FIRE is a chemical reaction known as combustion. It is a rapid oxidation of combustible materials accompanied with the release of heat, smoke flame and toxic gases. 

T o be safe,
f you discover a fire, report it immediately to the nearest Fire Station. Dial 335-3998 
ut things in its proper places.
afety First.

Check regularly the valves and the hose of your LPG tanks and  stoves before and every after use.
il, gas and other highly flammable chemicals such as paint or kerosene, should be placed away from the kitchen. Never store gasoline inside your house.
o not leave the kitchen while cooking is on progress.
xtinguish all live charcoals and live embers after being through with kitchen chores.

BE alert and responsible. Dial your nearest Fire Station. DIAL 335-3998

Clean regularly all electrical appliances found in your home and in your office.
void the practice of using octopus connection by connecting too many electrical appliances to one outlet.
eave the house or building immediately when fire takes hold.
ake it a habit to unplug the cords of your appliance before leaving or going to bed. Be always careful and never forget to unplug the cords after ironing clothes.

Crush out cigarette butts thoroughly before discarding it. Wet it with water, the better.
ut-of-Order electrical devices or appliances, should be kept away from an electrical outlet.
emove the accumulation of leaves within your house premises and clear corners from any combustible wastes.
o not let your children play matches or lighters. They are not toys.

Do not leave a lighted candle. Put it off before going to bed or before leaving the house.
o not smoke in bed.
o not leave the house with children locked inside.
o not attempt to cook when you are real tired. You may fall asleep while cooking is on progress.
o not go back inside the burning house or building once you are already out from it.
o not use defective appliance. Have it repaired before using.
pen flames like bonfires and the like is a fire hazard. It invites danger.
Not all are practicing these simple safety fire tips. Now it is time to give your share.

To be safe, just DO IT, if others don’t. SAFETY FIRST.


When cooking Pans Catches Fire:

  1. If you are using an LPG tank, turn the valve off immediately.
  2. Do not touch the pan in an effort of transferring it to somewhere else.
  3. Do not throw water on it. It will give a chance of spreading the fire which will only worsen the situation
  4. Cover the pan with a metal plate by sliding at the top pushing sideway to put off the fire.
  5. When LPG tank hose is on fire, Do not hesitate to turn the valve off. Don’t be afraid. Just make sure you are not facing yourself on top of the valve.

When Dress Catches Fire:

  1. Do not run. Stop and Drop instead, then Roll one side to the other at once and remove clothes.

When one receives Electric SHOCK:

  1. Think always of turning off the main source first before extending further help to the victim. If the source is out of reach, stand on a dry insulating material like wooden box, and or rubber mat then push the victim away from the source by using wooden things like chairs and mop holders.
  2. Never attempt to touch the victim with your hand if you are not sure that the source is off.
  3. If an electrical switch is burning, think always of turning off the main source before you extinguish it with water.

When one Falls and has BURNS:

  1. Put the victim on a recovery position. Do not forget to call the telephone lines here in Baybay City, Leyte at  335 - 3998 to seek assistance.
  2. Don’t use ice cold water to treat the victim’s burns. It will not help ease the pain. A soft cloth wet with tap water can help. Dial immediately the numbers for immediate assistance.


  1. When there is fire and you are yet inside the building, KEEP DOWN on the floor to avoid inhaling smoke that kills. Cover your mouth with wet towel or handkerchief. Get out as fast but calmly. Think of the nearest exit.
  2. Do not open the doorknob if you feel it is already hot. Go the other way while keeping your face down still on the floor. There is about 7 inches free air in the situation. It helps save victims until the rescue arrives.

Practice having escape diagram at home or in the office.